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Rural Broadband

The internet powers the economy, inspires our imaginations and provides an essential connection to family and friends. Yet some communities in rural America have yet to be connected, leaving an estimated 9.5 million people without access to fast, reliable broadband. Cable broadband providers are committed to being part of the solution, building out high-speed networks to all corners of the country. However, in some hard-to-reach areas, government support is needed for cable or other providers to offer service. But some simple changes to federal programs will encourage participation by all providers, quickly speeding up deployment in these areas. We want to ensure that all Americans—whether they live in rural communities or large cities—have access to our nation’s opportunity infrastructure.

Rural Americans with access to 1GB speeds
Number of rural Americans without access to high-speed broadband
Rural homes served by cable high-speed internet
st francis airplane

Connecting Rural America: St. Francis, Kansas

When Eagle Communications turned the small town of St. Francis, Kansas, into a gigabit community, it opened up more opportunities than ever before and brought its residents to the cutting edge of technology.