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Broadband Maps

Broadband For All Americans


The federal government spends billions of dollars each year to promote broadband deployment in unserved areas. More accurate maps will help locate unserved communities and ensure that government broadband funding achieves the goal of broadband for all Americans. 

A Better Broadband Map

The FCC’s new effort to develop new broadband maps is underway. When fully completed in spring 2023, the map will identify broadband gaps and uncork billions of dollars of federal grants from the 2021 infrastructure bill to fund projects to close the digital divide. Together, location fabric data and improved FCC Form 477 data will create the new broadband map.

Structure that is a home/small business
Structure that is NOT a home/small business
Serviceable area data from internet providers
St. Francis, Kansas crop duster airplane

Connecting Rural America: St. Francis, Kansas

When Eagle Communications turned the small town of St. Francis, Kansas, into a gigabit community, it opened up more opportunities than ever before and brought its residents to the cutting edge of technology.