Empowering Parents

It's difficult for busy families and educators to provide informed advice to children regarding TV programming, safe Internet use and the explosion of new media. Equally daunting can be managing the volume of content, which is now available.

Every family needs to determine what content is appropriate for their household. Cable provides accessible and simple tools for families to manage media, built around three basic concepts: choice, control, and education. Cable programming networks today provide the broadest choice in the world with plenty of entertaining, informational, and educational content. Cable set-top boxes and the V-Chip – in combination with the TV Parental Guidelines Ratings System – and online tools offer easy-to-use controls to block content. And, cable has spent decades educating consumers about parental control tools and media literacy resources.

Using the tools and information provided by cable companies, like www.ControlWithCable.org, parents can make responsible decisions.


Are You Concerned About Your Children Watching Unsuitable Programming?


Cable offers many TV channels for children and family viewers and provides educational, informative and entertainment programming. In addition to great choices, cable offers the ability to manage TV programming viewed within the home. Cable set-top boxes feature easy-to-use parental controls to enable parents to block channels and programs they may find inappropriate for children. Learn More at TheTVBoss.org or download the app.

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Online Parental Controls

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    Multiple User Profiles

    Members of your family can have their own dedicated profile allowing individuals to customize profiles with controls to suit the needs of family members, including children.

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    Filtering Options

    You can filter websites and content so your children can see only what you want them to. Filtering options often include the use of "white lists" where your children only have access to material and sites you pre-approve, "black lists" where you can block specific objectionable sites, and advanced filtering options where a parent can manage web content based on the use of keywords or other parameters.

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    Time Limits

    You can set limits on screen time appropriate for your children.

  • 4

    Supervised Chat

    Allows parents to monitor the online conversations, such as instant messaging, of children.

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    Reporting Capabilities

    You can easily generate several types of reports about web activity for each user profile.