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Empowering Parents

Cable programming networks, cable operators, and Internet service providers recognize how difficult it can be for busy families, mentors and educators to provide informed advice to  children regarding TV programming, safe Internet use and the explosion of new media. Equally daunting can be managing the volume of content, which is now available.

Every family needs to determine what content is appropriate for their household.  Cable provides accessible and simple tools for families to manage media, built around three basic concepts: choice, control, and education.  Cable programming networks today provide the broadest choice in the world with plenty of entertaining, informational, and educational content. Cable set-top boxes and the V-Chip – in combination with the TV Parental Guidelines Ratings System – and online tools offer easy to use controls to block content. And, cable has spent decades educating consumers about parental control tools and media literacy resources.

Using the tools and information provided by cable companies, parents can make responsible decisions.

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Our Position


5 Ways to Manage Family TV Viewing

  • 1

    Know the ratings and find suitable programming

  • 2

    Use cable’s parental controls

  • 3

    Block unwanted programs with the V-Chip

  • 4

    Make rules so your family knows what is off limits

  • 5

    Watch TV with your kids and enjoy!


Percentage of parents view the TV ratings system favorably
SOURCE: TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board


9 out of 10

Number of parents who believe it’s very important that their children learn about digital citizenship.



Top 5 Media Management Resources for Families