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Virginia Case Study

"High-speed broadband can provide life changing opportunities. Charter's investments in broadband technology and infrastructure like those we've made here in Virginia are investments in the economies and the futures of the communities that we serve"

Chris Snyder, Area Vice President of Field Operations, Charter Communications

A Collective Effort

For decades, cable internet service providers (ISPs) have invested billions of their own dollars to continually expand their networks to the country's most rural areas where broadband service is nonexistent. But in remote areas where miles of farmland can make it cost prohibitive to rely on private capital alone, ISPs have forged a myriad of public-private partnerships that utilize federal, state, and local funding for broadband buildouts.

The state of Virginia is a leading example of how these kinds of collaborative efforts and significant investments, in this case led by three of America's most successful ISPs--Charter Comcast, and Cox—can bring high-speed broadband to unserved communities. Together, they have forever transformed these towns that previously lacked connectivity.

New Connections

Communities throughout Virginia are now being connected with broadband. Investments in networks and forging successful public-private partnerships help bring unserved Americans the broadband service that will change their lives.

New Connections Throughout the State

Communities throughout Virginia have are now being connected with broadband. Investments in networks and forging successful public-private partnerships help bring unserved Americans the broadband service that will change their lives.

"We're now offering our custom woodworking products online. This relies on sending, receiving, and uploading high-resolution images and videos to the internet onto multiple online platforms. Folks are now purchasing our products and engaging our services from all over the country."

Timothy Smith, owner of Timothy Smith & Sons, a woodworking and design shop in Onancock, Virginia

The Funding That Made it Possible

How They Did It

From the Eastern Shore to the outskirts of Roanoke to the popular recreation spot of Smith Mountain Lake, cable ISPs worked hand in hand with school districts, local governments, town councils, and community organizations throughout their footprints to shrink the digital divide in rural Virginia over the past several years.

Through their broadband adoption programs and supportive efforts towards securing state grants, federal awards, and CARES Act funds, Comcast, Charter, and Cox have remained committed to facilitating partnerships across the state that leverage various funding opportunities to expand broadband access--all on top of their own private investments in the state.

"The partnership with Cox empowered families to ensure they were able to access the resources needed during the pandemic for their children to be able to participate in virtual learning."

Kelly Sandridge, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, Roanoke City Public Schools

Charter Brings High-Speed Broadband to Virginia's Unserved

Charter worked together with the City of Suffolk, Isle of Wight, and South Hampton counties to help them win federal, state and local funding, and ultimately bringing universal broadband coverage to local residents who previously lacked internet connectivity.

Charter Brings 'Big Internet' to Virginia's Eastern Shore

Charter invested $20 million to connect the rural counties of Accomack and Northampton on Virginia's Eastern Shore, where 35% of the population previously had no access to high-speed broadband.

Comcast Secures Rural Buildouts Through Different Approaches

Through its own investments coupled with partnerships with the Virginia Tobacco Commission, utilization of CARES ACT funds, and securing VATI grants, Comcast has connected Patrick, Amelia, Buckingham and Charles City Counties and more across Virginia.

Cox's Public-Private Partnerships Help Underserved Virginia

Cox has expanded broadband internet access in rural Virginia, through its collaboration with local governments and school districts, proving that both public and private efforts play a role in promoting broadband access and adoption.

Reaching Every Community

Virginia is just a fraction of the footprint that the cable industry covers as cable ISPs extend their high-speed networks to more unserved communities every year that goes by. From the isolated Aleutian Islands in Alaska to grain elevators in Minnesota, the cable industry continues to do its part to bring every American access to fast and reliable broadband--the nation's opportunity infrastructure.