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Connecting Every American

Building Broadband's Future

Having a high-speed internet connection at home opens up a world of opportunity. It is essential for education, remote work, communicating with friends and family and so much more. The cable industry has built gigabit speed networks that reach most of America and is working to extend access to communities that are being connected for the first time. With a focused effort on reaching unserved homes, the goal of connecting all Americans is finally within reach.

Broadband Across America

See how cable operators are bringing opportunity to every corner of America as they continue to build out high-speed networks. Click on the pins to explore the success stories.

Every Last Mile

What does it take to bring high-speed internet to America’s unserved rural and remote areas? EVERY LAST MILE delves into the resilience and dedication of cable broadband crews as they overcome harsh conditions and complex obstacles to bridge the digital divide.

Expanding Rural Broadband

The cable industry is committed to being part of the solution, building out high-speed networks to all corners of the country, ensuring everyone has access to our nation’s opportunity infrastructure. Cable operators have the knowledge and experience to use funding made possible by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act strategically and efficiently. Let’s keep expanding rural infrastructure and make universal broadband a reality.

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Investing in Infrastructure

Billions in annual private capital investment has enabled cable operators to build and continually upgrade broadband networks that offer gigabit speeds throughout America.

Amount invested in 2023 on infrastructure and networks1
Homes with broadband availability added between 2019 and 2021 including 727K rural homes2
Median U.S. download speed in July 20233
Amount Wi-Fi contributes annually to the economy4
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Sources: (1) S&P Global; (2) FCC data; (3) Ookla; (4) Wi-Fi Forward

Experience Matters

With fast and reliable internet comes a world of opportunity. America's cable industry has the expertise to connect communities in every corner of the country.

Closing the Digital Divide

The cable industry is committed to closing the digital divide by offering programs that help families overcome barriers to broadband access. Through low-cost internet service, computer equipment, and digital literacy training for low-income Americans, cable providers are expanding access and opportunity across the country.

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