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Press Release
February 12, 2018
“As the nation’s leading broadband industry, we applaud the Administration’s proposal to invest in new infrastructure – including the potential to expand broadband to unserved homes in rural…
Press Release
January 12, 2018
“NCTA welcomes the committee’s continued interest in broadband infrastructure and in designing federal policies that promote investment and technological neutrality.  We look forward to working with…
Press Release
December 22, 2017
“We congratulate the President and Congressional leadership on the passage of historic tax reform. Notwithstanding that the United States currently has the highest corporate tax rate in the world,…
Press Release
December 20, 2017
“Congratulations to Rep. Jerry Nadler on his election to be Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee. We look forward to working with Rep. Nadler on issues that will promote intellectual…
Press Release
December 14, 2017
“Today’s FCC action rightly restores the light-touch approach to government regulation of the internet that has fostered the development of a vibrant, open and innovative platform. For decades,…
Press Release
November 21, 2017
“We fully support Chairman Pai’s effort to restore the ‘light touch’ regulatory approach that proved so successful in driving the growth and development of our internet economy. In 2015, the FCC…
Press Release
November 17, 2017
“We applaud the Senate Finance Committee’s effort to approve a comprehensive tax reform bill that will make our tax system fairer and more competitive. Importantly, we welcome the Committee’s…
Press Release
November 09, 2017
“Today, the House Ways & Means Committee voted out of committee a comprehensive tax reform bill that is a welcome first step in making our tax system fairer and more competitive. We commend the…