The Future of TV is Apps

Today, we live in a highly competitive video marketplace where entertainment is no longer confined to the living room TV. We have access to live programming that can stream directly to a tablet, computer, or smartphone. We can purchase and download our favorite shows via multiple services and providers. And we can store our video in the cloud and then watch it on almost any device from any location. It’s all done through an ever-growing marketplace of TV apps.

In his recent keynote address, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared the future of TV was apps. Cook couldn’t be more right. In fact, already Americans are enjoying hundreds of TV apps from networks, providers and streaming services all vying for our eyeballs and attention.

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Strong Video Marketplace

Dozens of providers offering millions of Americans thousands of hours of programming via almost any web connected device. This is the face of a competitive app based video marketplace. Competition is alive and well.

TV is Truly Everywhere

Audiences have changed how they watch and share TV and cable programmers are changing right along with them. Already, apps are delivering thousands of hours of programming and making TV an anytime, anywhere experience.

Merging Media Devices

Set-top boxes are looking more like IP devices. IP devices are behaving more like set-top boxes. As we grow closer to the perfect media device, the app is sure to be at its center.

Always Connected Home

When almost any device is capable of serving as a conduit to your television shows, the possibilities of the connected home are endless.

Pay TV Apps on All Devices

Content creators aren’t the only ones creating unique app experiences. All of the top pay TV providers also have apps and all of them are available on the most popular app marketplaces.

TVs Getting Smarter

45% of smart TVs sold in the US during the second quarter of 2015 supported apps, up from 34% the year before.


Today’s viewer can experience television via an ever-growing list of programmer and operator apps as well as web-streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Through competitive collaboration, device creators, content producers, and cable operators are all changing the face of TV technology. By supporting the role of apps and IP-based technology in delivering TV, we can ensure a future of ever-improving video experiences.