C-SPAN Delivers Super Tuesday To New Audiences On New Platforms

C-SPAN Delivers Super Tuesday To New Audiences On New Platforms

In preparation for what promises to be a significant election year, C-SPAN has been rolling out new technology on the campaign trail and expanding to new platforms to reach all types of audiences. NCTA spoke with C-SPAN to learn more about how the network has digitally transformed itself behind the scenes to be a more engaging and innovative presence for new generations.

The high-tech trail

Earlier this year, NCTA spoke with C-SPAN Political Editor Nate Hurst about how the network has implemented new technology on the campaign trail.

  • Bluetooth microphones and high-quality smartphone cameras have allowed reporters in the field to react more quickly to sudden changes in a candidate's schedule.
  • Situations that previously required a full production crew and lots of specialized equipment can now be handled by a reporter and a producer with a phone and a wireless microphone.

Going beyond linear

The network has rolled out new distribution platforms since the last presidential election, C-SPAN Vice President Peter Kiley told NCTA.

  • “C-SPAN Now,” a smartphone-based app offering live breaking coverage and video clips to stay informed on the go debuted in 2021.
  • On top of that, in 2023 “C-SPAN Select,” a connected TV app, launched on the Comcast X1 and Charter Xumo boxes, aiming to expand availability in the future.
    • The app offers the whole C-SPAN experience and then some, with up to eight simultaneous live-stream events capable of being carried at once.

New platforms reach new audiences

As new generations' media habits change, C-SPAN has also extended its presence on new social platforms like TikTok.

  • Since joining the app in 2023, the network’s TikTok account has amassed 729,000 followers and 11.5 million likes.
  • 41% of followers are under 35, while two-thirds are under 45 years old, demographics that are less likely to tune into the linear network.

By spending the last few years focusing on smart, digital expansion, the network has grown its reach to new audiences amid the backdrop of a rapidly changing media landscape. C-SPAN’s expansion into new digital markets and embrace of new tech has positioned them to stay ahead during the 2024 election year.