“Diarra From Detroit” Signals BET Studio’s Entrée to Scripted TV

“Diarra From Detroit” Signals BET Studio’s Entrée To Scripted TV

BET Studios is debuting its first-ever scripted series “Diarra from Detroit,” marking a new creative pivot from the studio and network. After a freshly divorced schoolteacher, Diarra, goes on a Tinder date with the man of her dreams, his sudden disappearance sends her on an investigation that leads her through the Detroit underworld. From executive producers Diarra Kilpatrick (who also stars in the lead role) and Kenya Barris (“Black-ish”), the comedy-drama series is set to premiere on March 21 on BET+.

The plot thickens: The show follows Diarra as she and her reluctant friends work to solve the mystery at the show's core, demanding answers from uninterested police and tapping into the resources of her fellow school faculty.

BET expands on its success: A first of its kind for the studio, the project is a byproduct of BET’s long track record of taking chances on Black creatives and giving them artistic licenses they might not have at other studios.

  • BET’s legacy of excellence, combined with its commitment to telling diverse Black stories, made it a natural fit for “Diarra From Detroit.”
  • The project is also notable for centering a Black woman in a mystery procedural, a genre often centered around poorly behaved, white, macho men.

A proven track record: Executive Producer Kenya Barris has a successful history of expanding the types of Black stories told on TV, with his hits “Black-ish,” “Mixed-ish,” and “Grown-ish” centered around characters that, at their core, are people trying to imperfectly navigate life on top of issues like identity and race. For BET Studio’s first scripted series, the project seeks to expand the already rich storytelling BET is known for.

In addition to the executive producers, the show also stars Phylicia Rashad, DomiNque Perry, Morris Chestnut, Claudia Logan, Bryan Terrell Clark, Shannon Wallace, and Jon Chaffin.

“Diarra From Detroit” will premiere on BET+ on March 21.