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Delivering Video Value

Welcome to the Golden Age of TV where America’s elite entertainment is found in the home.  Cable’s video platform has become the creative canvas where the world’s top writers, directors and actors are producing cinema-quality programming that is dominating the awards circuit and the TV ratings.

Cable’s business model gives storytellers the flexibility to take risks and craft imaginative and groundbreaking programming.  Cable has opened the doors to some of the best television ever created.  As HBO’s Girls star and creator Lena Dunham said at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, “[HBO is] the only place to have made a show like this. Cable television is the only place where I’m going to get the kinds of stories I want to tell funded.”

And with Americans watching more TV every year, the value of cable’s video service continues to be the best of any form of entertainment.

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Our Position

What Cable Makes Possible

Compared with other sources of entertainment, cable’s value is unmatched both in cost and quantity. A quick look at some of the most popular outings and entertainment experiences reveals just how affordable and abundant exciting experiences are via cable’s TV, video and broadband services.

What Cable Makes Possible



National Cable Programming Services (2011)


price per viewing hour (of digital video service 2014)


Primetime Emmy Awards won by Cable (2014)


The number of Primetime Emmy Awards that cable programmers took home in 2014.