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Energy Efficiency Savings
dollars saved
by consumers on energy bills in 2022 via energy efficient video equipment
Source: D+R International

Cable operators have long been committed to reducing the environmental impact and the costs associated with energy consumption. The industry's green efforts continue to evolve as innovators come up with new and holistic ways to address and raise awareness around energy efficiency. 

Price Per Megabit Shrinks
The price per Mbps of cable broadband service has declined by 98% over the last twenty years.
The price per Mbps has declined from an average of $28.13 in 2000 to $0.64 in 2020
Source: NCTA Analysis
The price per megabit per second of cable broadband service has declined by 98% over the last twenty years, declining from an average of $28.13 in 2000 to $0.64 in 2020.
Investment In Infrastructure
Dollars Invested
in infrastructure & networks
over the last 20 years
Source: Company reports, and NCTA and S&P Global Market Intelligence estimates
Broadband is the most important infrastructure powering American opportunity
Investment in Programming
Dollars Invested
in award-winning
TV shows over the last two decades
Source: S&P Global
some of the highest-quality programming ever is now being produced
Cable employees
in 96% of congressional districts
Source: Oxford Economics
The industry supports over 1M job across the country
Jobs accounted for by cable
Direct &
Indirect Jobs
in all areas of the country
Source: Oxford Economics
At least 500 people employed in 96% of congressional districts
Cable's Customer Base
Cable's Customer Base
number of customers subscribing to
broadband, television, and phone services
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence-Kagan, December 2022
Tens of millions of Americans use the cable industry's vital services
Cable High-Speed Internet
U.S. Households
have cable high-speed internet available
Source: Bortz Media
High-speed internet is available in rural and urban areas
Broadband Adoption
U.S. Households
have broadband
internet access at home
Source: NCTA Analysis
Every year, more families are discovering the importance of an Internet connection at home
Gigabit Internet
Of U.S. Homes
have access to
gigabit internet speeds
Source: FCC data
Gigabit internet has never been more available
High-Speed Internet
Decrease in Price
Per Megabit
as internet use and
speeds have soared
Source: NCTA Research
Over the past two decades price per megabit has gone from $28.13 to $.64
Top 10 Video Subscription Services
Top 10 Video Subscription Services
Competition in the video marketplace is alive and well
Source: Q2 2023- S&P Global Intelligence, Company filings. Netflix includes U.S. and Canada. Disney+ and Amazon estimated.
There is significant competition in the TV marketplace
Energy Efficiency Savings
metric tons
of CO2 saved since 2012 from energy efficient video equipment
Source: D+R International
energy efficient devices also tend to suffer fewer service problems
Local Impacts
in federal and state tax revenue in 2022
contributed to all levels of government
Source: Oxford Economics
The industry is an important source of tax revenue for local and federal governments
Closing the Digital Divide
subsidized computers for low-income households
Source: Comcast Impact Report 2023
lowering the cost of computer equipment is essential to help close the digital divide
Closing the Digital Divide
Consumers connected via low-cost broadband programs in last 10 years
Source: NCTA Analysis
Cable's low-cost programs provide millions with internet service