Introducing the Winners of the 10G Challenge

10G Challenge Logo

As Americans continue to keep parts of their office and school lives in the home, the future success of broadband networks is more critical than ever before. That’s why America’s broadband leaders have been building the 10G network for years, because while there’s an idea of what tomorrow might hold, the future will be powered by robust, secure, high-speed 10G internet. To get a better idea of how a 10G connection could revolutionize life, CableLabs hosted the 10G Challenge, whose winners were announced this September.

The 10G Challenge

Announced in 2021, the 10G Challenge sought proposals for projects that made the most of a 10 Gbps connection, and promised over $300,000 in cash prizes for winners across four categories; live, work, learn, and play. To help judge the competition, CableLabs teamed up with The Mayo Clinic, Corning, Zoom, and Intel.

And The Winners Are…


First up, the winner of the ‘Live’ category was Xennial Digital. The company seeks to provide physicians with immersive virtual training, backed up with the reliability of 10G. As hospitals continue to look to technology to help advance care, many utilize robotic tools. By giving surgeons a way to train virtually, they can hone their skills or try out the latest techniques in a real time environment without needing a patient.


Next up is the winner of the ‘Work’ category, TractorCloud. Relying on the wide capacity of 10G, TractorCloud develops hardware and software solutions that save farmers thousands of dollars and drive the future of tractor fleet management.


For the ‘Learn’ category, KC Digital Drive took home the prize. To address the national nursing shortage, KC Digital Drive utilizes the power of 10G networks to expand how many nursing students can receive a quality education. By utilizing digital training simulations, 10G will allow more nurses to be trained in rural and underserved areas.


For the final themed category ‘Play,’ the panel awarded the prize to Dana Leung’s project Interacting Within Live-Action Video Scenes. The proposal allows shoppers to enter a virtual boutique where they can get an up close and personal view of items that interest them, even giving them the option to see the item worn by a model, all from the comfort of home.

People’s Choice

Beyond the four themed categories, the challenge also gave out two other awards; a people’s choice award and a grand prize award. The winner of the people’s choice award went to T4 Movement Engineering, which helps mobility patients. By assessing a patient’s gait using automation, there is no longer a need for a person to take the time and energy to manually assess data. By lightening the lift, the project aims to use 10G to expand cutting edge patient services so more people can benefit from physical therapy rehabilitation.

Grand Prize

Finally, the jury awarded the grand prize of the 10G Challenge to MediView, which aims to help breast cancer patients in rural communities. By taking advantage of the robust 10G speeds in the home, MediView aims to treat breast cancer patients from the comfort of their own home, and by connecting them to more experts they might otherwise not have access to.