America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: A Year in Review

America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: A Year in Review

As America targets efforts towards connecting every community to robust broadband – including the distribution of more than $40 billion in federal funds for building new networks – cable providers continue to do what they have always done: build out their networks to reach as many Americans as possible.

As the year comes to a close, here’s a sampling of some of the critical broadband expansion projects around the country that are underway or completed. To learn more about how the cable broadband industry is working to connect every American, be sure to check out

The Midwest


Mediacom recently announced they have completed the transition of their West Des Moines gigabit network to the new 10G Platform. Residents in the area are among the first to enjoy the immediate benefits from the new technology, including two to ten times faster upload speeds, new symmetrical speed offerings, a more energy-efficient network, lower latency, and greater network reliability.


Midco has added 120 miles of fiber along the Highway 10 corridor near Detroit Lakes. The new network is already delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds to 1,200 homes and businesses, with an expected total of 2,000 by this spring.


Central U.S.


Cox Communications has begun construction to extend high-speed broadband service to Tahlequah. This $17 million investment will deliver symmetrical gigabit speeds to 6,000 homes in the Oklahoma community.

North Dakota

Once completed, 40,000 homes in the Grand Forks area will have access to Midco’s fiber network. The ISP is investing $25 million into the area over the expected five-year-long project.


The Pacific West


GCI has been extending its networks across Alaska for years. Most notable is the AU-Aleutians Fiber Project, which is laying over 800 miles of subsea fiber to deliver gigabit services to the Aleutian Islands, America’s easternmost frontier.


Comcast is bringing its fiber-rich broadband network to the rural Key Peninsula in Pierce County. The project will bring high-speed broadband to over 526 homes and businesses on the peninsula.


The Mid-Atlantic


Cox is extending its network in New Kent County via a public-private partnership with the County. The $34 million project will connect 3,000 residents who currently do not have access to broadband.


Mediacom Communications is nearing completion of a 150-mile Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project in unincorporated Sussex County. In partnership with the Delaware Governor’s Office and the Department of Technology and Information, this $10 million project will deliver speeds up to 2 GB down and 1 GB up to an estimated 1,630 homes and businesses throughout the unserved and underserved portions of the county.


The South (Parts 1 & 2)


Across Weakley County, Charter is building a fiber-optic network buildout that will connect more than 3,700 rural homes and small businesses. Additionally, the ISP recently launched service to over 1,000 homes and small businesses across rural communities in Knox, Blount, Sevier, and Jefferson Counties.


Comcast has launched an extension to its gigabit network in Bolton and Edwards Counties. The project connected more than 1,700 homes and businesses. As part of the efforts to extend digital equity, the broadband leader also donated nearly 400 free laptops to kindergarten–8th-grade students in the local school district.


New England

New Hampshire

In Tilton and Belmont in Belknap County, Comcast is extending its fiber-rich network to more than 6,600 homes and businesses to its 10G network.


In Etna, Newburgh, and Swanville, Charter is now delivering gigabit service to over 1,600 homes and small businesses after the company’s $3 million network investment. And in Westport Island, the ISP has completed a 27-mile fiber-optic network extension, bringing gigabit service to over 205 homes.