America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: The South, Part 1

America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: The South, Part 1

As America targets efforts towards connecting every community to robust broadband – including the distribution of more than $40 billion in federal funds for building new networks – cable providers continue to do what they have always done: build out their networks to reach as many Americans as possible.

Here is a small sampling of broadband projects by cable ISPs underway as they prepare to deliver superfast internet speeds in communities across parts of the South. Check out for other projects currently underway in the MidwestCentral U.S., the Pacific West, and the Mid-Atlantic.


In Bossier City, Comcast is building a fiber-rich network extension to serve about 3,500 underserved rural homes by the end of the year.


In Logan County, Cox Communications has partnered with WAVE Rural Connect (Arkansas Valley Electric) to connect more than 1,700 underserved rural residents. Together both companies are investing $5 million of their own capital, combined with a $14 million state grant to complete the project.


Mediacom Communications is partnering with the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) to build fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks in two areas of Mobile County. The $18 million investment from this public-private partnership will construct nearly 300 miles of fiber to reach approximately 4,500 homes with broadband speeds up to 2GB down and 1GB up. 


  • Throughout the state, Charter has been extending its networks to connect thousands across rural communities. Some examples include Carroll County, where more than 4,500 homes and small businesses are getting connected to the ISP’s fiber-optic network, as well as the nearly 11,000 connected across Banks, Madison, and Oglethorpe Counties.
  • In the City of Glenville, Comcast has connected 2,387 homes and businesses to its multi-gigabit network, as well as the 2,015 connected in the City of Louisville.
  • In Twiggs County, Cox Communications has plans to connect 1,196 addresses in a rural part of the state, thanks to an over $8 million grant from the State of Georgia.

North Carolina

In Duplin County, Charter has extended its network to connect more than 480 homes and small businesses. The project is part of the ISP’s $5 billion investment in unserved rural communities.