America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: The Midwest

America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: The Midwest

As America targets efforts towards closing the digital divide and awaits the distribution of federal funds for broadband deployment and adoption, cable providers continue to do what they have always done: build out their networks to reach as many Americans as possible.

Here is a small sampling of broadband projects by cable ISPs underway as they prepare to deliver fast internet speeds in Midwest communities.


Mediacom earlier this year announced they had begun transitioning their Iowa gigabit network to the new 10G Platform. Residents in West Des Moines will be among the first to enjoy the immediate benefits from the new technology, including two to ten times faster upload speeds, new symmetrical speed offerings, a more energy-efficient network, lower latency, and greater network reliability.


Charter has recently extended its network to approximately 2,350 homes and businesses in Guernsey County, OH. The new fiber network is just one example of how the ISP is bringing gigabit speeds to previously unserved parts of the state.


Midco has added 120 miles of fiber along the Highway 10 corridor near Detroit Lakes. The new network is already delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds to 1,200 homes and businesses, with an expected total of 2,000 by this spring.

Comcast has expanded its network in Minnesota. South Rogers, for example, had 400 homes connected in 2021, while the next phase of the project is set to begin this spring.


Charter has expanded its footprint across Indiana, with a particular focus on bringing broadband to previously unserved parts of the state. In Floyd County alone, the ISP connected nearly 450 homes and businesses to gigabit speed networks, extending its next-generation network to more Americans and working towards universal connectivity.


Communities in Winnebago and Fond Du Lac counties have been connected to Charter’s gigabit broadband. The fiber-optic network extension across these two counties is connecting more than 1,500 homes and businesses.


Mediacom has expanded gigabit service to the previously unserved community of Edgewood, connecting 250 homes and businesses. The town now joins the ranks of the 350 other gigabit communities Mediacom serves in Illinois.


At the end of last year, Charter broke ground for a new network in Wexford County, Michigan. The project is expected to bring gigabit service to over 4,700 homes and businesses that were previously unserved.


As of last fall, residents of Pike County now have access to Charter’s gigabit network. This new fiber network connects nearly 470 homes and businesses that were previously unserved.