America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: Central U.S.

America’s Expanding Cable Broadband Networks: Central U.S.

As America targets efforts towards connecting every community to robust broadband – including the upcoming distribution of more than $40 billion in federal funds for building new networks – cable providers continue to do what they have always done: build out their networks to reach as many Americans as possible.

Here is a small sampling of broadband projects by cable ISPs underway as they prepare to deliver superfast internet speeds in communities across the central United States. For other projects currently underway in the Midwest, check out this list.


Cox Communications has begun construction to extend high-speed broadband service to Tahlequah. This $17 million investment will deliver symmetrical gigabit speeds to 6,000 homes in the Oklahoma community.


Comcast is investing $9 million and expanding its network to the community of Spring Hill. The two-year-long project will connect more than 3,400 homes and businesses and expand Comcast’s fiber-rich network to deliver gigabit speeds.

North Dakota

Once completed, 40,000 homes in the Grand Forks area will have access to Midco’s fiber network. The ISP is investing $25 million into the area over the expected five-year-long project.

South Dakota

Midco is building a Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTS) network in Hartford, which is expected to connect more than 1,800 homes and businesses in the area. The new network will be capable of delivering multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds and low latency.


Cox recently completed construction of its fiber network in Fort Calhoun and is now offering symmetrical gigabit speeds to the community of 374 households. This was part of a larger effort to extend services to just over 4,000 homes throughout Washington County in Arlington, Blair, and Kennard.


In Jefferson County, Charter has delivered broadband speeds to 2,670 new homes that were previously unserved. The project is part of Charter’s approximately $5 billion investment in unserved rural communities.