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How Everywhere is TV Everywhere?


How Everywhere is TV Everywhere?

Last week, Viacom released the results of its latest study on TV Everywhere (TVE) usage. Aptly titled, “TV Here, There, (Not Quite) Everywhere," the survey revealed that, while much of the general TV-consuming public remains unaware of TV Everywhere benefits, usage and popularity is rapidly growing. The study defined TV Everywhere as “watching full-length TV programs on sites and apps by ‘authenticating,’ or using pay TV log-in.” In other words, the study is making the distinction that streaming content via an over-the-top provider like Netflix or watching user generated videos on YouTube is not part of the TV Everywhere experience. The study is squarely aimed at pay-TV features that allow customers to enjoy their TV subscription outside of the home or on a non-TV device either live, on-demand, or recorded. Many of the statistics revealed in the study are unsurprising. 64 percent of users report watching more TV when they take advantage of TV Everywhere products. That number jumps to 72 percent with Millennials. Just about the entire survey group (98 percent) report that TV Everywhere increase the value of their TV subscription. Viacom-TVE-Trends2-02 TV Everywhere users reportedly consider themselves early adopters. About 20 percent say they tried it because they like being first. Viacom’s report wasn’t all rosy. It revealed that there are still significant awareness barriers. Consumers report finding no unified discovery platform and say product advertising that might lead to awareness is spotty. In addition, nearly 80 percent report they’ve experienced some kind of technical problem while using a TV Everywhere application or website. Viacom-TVE-Trends2-01 In perhaps the most unexpected revelation of the study, it was discovered that more people (31 percent) report that they use TV Everywhere to re-watch programs versus 22 percent who say they use TV Everywhere products to start a new show from the beginning. You can read the full report here and look below for a video revealing some consumer perceptions of the TV Everywhere experience.  

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