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Cable Continues to Dominate with 325 Emmy Nominations

Cable Continues to Dominate with 325 Emmy Nominations

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The 71st Primetime Emmy nominations were announced earlier this week, and cable programming sure made a statement as the industry came away with a staggering 325 nominations. Cable is the clear front runner, ahead of all streaming and broadcast programming, as it goes into this year's Emmy Awards Show which will air in September. 

HBO led all networks with the most nominations at 137, as Game of Thrones snagged a whopping 32 of those nominations for its final season, followed by Chernobyl (19) and Barry (17). HBO also came out on top as the major studio with the most nominations.

Game of Thrones broke the record this year for garnering the most nominations in a single year by a drama series. The series received the most nominations each year since 2014, barring 2017 when the show was not eligible to compete. Though the final season proved divisive among fans, that didn't stop 19 million people from tuning into the series finale. The show is earning its accolades with nominations in numerous categories, and currently, stands as the most Emmy-winning primetime series in history with 42. 

Another cable standout that deserves recognition is FX's Pose, a dance musical series which was nominated in six categories. Pose was recognized in GLAAD's 2018 "Where We Are on TV" report as a breakthrough show for the transgender community with its LGBTQ-centric plot. The show currently features the largest cast of transgender series characters on an American TV show. Producer Janet Mock is the first trans woman of color to be nominated as a producer, while co-producer of the show Steven Canals is the first Afro-Latinx producer to be nominated in a drama series. 

Favorites like HBO's Veep, AMC's Better Call Saul, and VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race continue to thrill audiences as well, among many others. As cable programmers continue to invest in cinematic-quality programming and rich and diverse plot-lines that reflect what America's viewers want to see on the screen, fans are bound to keep coming back for more.  

To see the full list of nominations honoring the best in television, visit the Emmy website