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Professor Steven Wildman Named FCC Chief Economist

January 4, 2013

Professor Steven Wildman, Michigan State University Professor of Information Studies, has been named as the FCC’s newest Chief Economist. In December Wildman spoke at NCTA Connects, a new event series at NCTA which hosts national thought leaders discussing issues that are impacting the media and communications industries. Below is a clip from Wildman’s presentation on usage based pricing:…

Dispelling Broadband Pricing Myths with Professor Daniel Lyons!


December 21, 2012

Here at NCTA, we’ve been spending a lot of time lately discussing usage based pricing, or UBP. There’s a fair amount of confusion out there as to what UBP really is, how it would affect broadband service, and what it would do to the average American’s household budget. After hosting the first NCTA Connects event,…

Full Video, The Evolving Internet: Patterns in Usage and Pricing


December 18, 2012

For those who missed last Friday’s NCTA Connects, here’s a full video of the event. The discussion, titled The Evolving Internet: Patterns in Usage and Pricing, was a deep dive into how consumer broadband usage is changing and how Internet Service Providers must evolve with the needs of their customers. Through the lens of an…

Michael Powell Visits Fox Business


December 17, 2012

NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell visited Fox Business this morning. While there he discussed online security and the importance of understanding the constantly evolving technology around us. Watch the latest video at

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Michael Powell on C-SPAN's The Communicators


December 10, 2012

On Saturday, NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell was on C-SPAN’s  The Communicators discussing sports broadcasting, political ads, and how social media might impact the future of TV.

Cable Programming

Cable Dominates Emmy Awards

September 24, 2012

As Tom Hanks said at last night’s Emmy Awards, “television is better than ever.” And it would seem that television is better on cable.  Cable once again dominated the awards at the 64th Annual Emmy Awards, winning a majority of the awards.  Cable networks grabbed 57 percent of the Primetime Emmys, and 65 percent of…

All College Students Really Don’t Just Watch TV Online or Steal Content

August 21, 2012

Every week there seems to be something written about how college students and other young people consume media.   While no one can universally say what all students do, here is a small look at how this upcoming junior at the University of Maryland consumes media for school and fun. Video. The school year is a…