What's New http://www.ncta.com/feed.xml en Consumers Saving Billions of Dollars from Voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreements http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/consumers-saving-billions-of-dollars-voluntary-energy-efficiency-agreements <p>Consumers have now saved more than $5 billion in electricity costs since 2013, thanks to two energy-efficiency "voluntary agreements" that are improving energy efficiency without compromising upgrades or enhancements to set-top boxes and home internet equipment.</p> August 20, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3440 Four Ways Americans Benefit from Cable’s Economic Investments http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/four-ways-americans-benefit-cables-economic-investments <p><em>The cable industry works to make significant positive contributions to the local communities in which it operates and the people it serves. </em></p> August 16, 2019 jsims http://www.ncta.com/3439 Engineering the Future: SCTE•ISBE CEO Talks About Changing Technologies http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/engineering-the-future-scteisbe-ceo-talks-about-changing-technologies <p>The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (<a href="https://www.scte.org/">SCTE</a>) and its global arm International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE), the industry's go-to organizations for technical leadership and professional development, just celebrated 50 years this summer.</p> August 14, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3438 What's In Store for the Future of Work? http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/whats-in-store-for-the-future-of-work <p>Over the last couple of decades, researchers have been developing technologies like artificial intelligence and light field displays and exploring ways they can be incorporated into our daily lives. That’s also true of the team at CableLabs, the cable industry’s R&amp;D arm.</p> August 9, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3435 Comcast's Internet Essentials Connects 8 Million People http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/comcasts-internet-essentials-connects-8-million-people <p>Comcast announced this week that its broadband adoption program, Internet Essentials, has connected more than eight million people who qualify for low-cost internet service since the program's inception in 2011.</p> August 8, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3434 Why Internet is Essential to America’s Agriculture http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/why-internet-is-essential-americas-agriculture <p>While many might associate business and technology with large urban hubs like Silicon Valley, small towns across the U.S. are showing that there are plenty of opportunities to be found in rural America.</p> August 2, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3433 Getting Broadband Mapping Right http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/getting-broadband-mapping-right <p>With the FCC this week expected to reform its broadband data collection regime, it seems like a good opportunity to assess the potential impact of these changes. From NCTA's perspective, there are four key points.</p> July 31, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3430 Discovery's Shark Week Evolves with New Technology and Jaw-some Views http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/discoverys-shark-week-evolves-with-new-technology-and-jaw-some-views <p>It's Shark Week, a TV fan favorite and that time of year when viewers and shark seekers galore get to "dive in" with the great creatures that have fascinated people all over the world for centuries.</p> July 29, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3429 How Super-Fast Internet Revitalized Small Businesses in a Small Town http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/how-super-fast-internet-revitalized-small-businesses-in-a-small-town <p>Over time, many Americans have moved to large urban centers to follow jobs, often in the technology sector, leaving smaller towns behind. For a place like St.</p> July 26, 2019 ifenger http://www.ncta.com/3428 Excessive Pole Rates are Stifling Rural Broadband Investment and Deployment http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/excessive-pole-rates-are-stifling-rural-broadband-investment-and-deployment <p>The majority of consumers today enjoy high-speed broadband in their homes, and America's cable operators have invested more than $290 billion over the past two decades to reach nearly every community.</p> July 24, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3425 What Technology Do NASA and the Cable Industry Share in Common? http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/what-technology-do-nasa-and-the-cable-industry-share-in-common <p>The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing has Americans all over the country in celebratory mode as people everywhere honor humankind's achievement through various events, gatherings, and TV specials.</p> July 19, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3424 Cable Continues to Dominate with 325 Emmy Nominations http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/cable-continues-dominate-with-325-emmy-nominations <p>The 71st Primetime Emmy nominations were announced earlier this week, and cable programming sure made a statement as the industry came away with a staggering 325 nominations.</p> July 18, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3423 $450 Billion: What the Cable Industry Means to the American Economy http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/450-billion-what-the-cable-industry-means-the-american-economy <p>A new <a href="https://www.ncta.com/sites/default/files/2019-07/investing_in_america_report.pdf">report </a>shows that the significant economic impact made by America's cable industry has reached a new high of $450 billion, up $29 billion since 2017.</p> July 17, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3422 What Live TV Viewing Habits Say About American Consumers http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/what-live-tv-viewing-habits-say-about-american-consumers <p>Today's TV viewers are a mixed bag when it comes to their preferences for watching live TV on their own or in a group, as well as when it comes to what factors influence their decisions to do so, according to a recent Morning Consult poll.</p> July 11, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3418 Women's World Cup Champs Won Audiences on TV and Online http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/womens-world-cup-champs-won-audiences-on-tv-and-online <p>This year's FIFA Women's World Cup final between the USA and the Netherlands was a thriller, and the USWNT players weren't the only ones walking away with a victory.</p> July 9, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3415 How Much is Digital Video Piracy Costing the U.S. Economy? http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/how-much-is-digital-video-piracy-costing-the-us-economy <p>A new study estimates that the U.S. economy loses $29.2 billion every year as a result of global digital piracy. <a href="https://www.theglobalipcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Digital-Video-Piracy.pdf">Impacts of Digital Video Piracy on the U.S.</a></p> July 2, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3412 Live TV Still Strong Among American Viewers http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/live-tv-still-strong-among-american-viewers <p>It's a pretty good time to be a TV viewer in today's rich and busy media and entertainment marketplace. TV has been completely redefined in every sense of the word.</p> June 27, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3409 Smithsonian Channel Brings LGBTQ+ Experiences Out of the Archival Closet http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/smithsonian-channel-brings-lgbtq-experiences-out-of-the-archival-closet <p>As the cable industry celebrates Pride Month, it’s worth noting that this week marks the 50<sup>th</sup> anniversary of the <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonewall_riots">Stonewall Riots</a> that shaped the LGBTQ+ movement as it is known today, starting from Christopher Street in New Yor</p> June 26, 2019 evargas http://www.ncta.com/3408 On Screen Representation Matters Beyond Pride Month http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/on-screen-representation-matters-beyond-pride-month <p>Cable programming once again set a record this year for having the most LGBTQ+ characters on screen. According to the 2018-2019 GLAAD “Where We Are on TV” report, an impressive total of 208 LGBTQ+ characters were shown across the cable platform. Specifically, cable programming featured:  </p> June 21, 2019 ifenger http://www.ncta.com/3405 GCI Turns Alaska into the 'First Frontier' with 5G Service http://www.ncta.com/whats-new/gci-turns-alaska-into-the-first-frontier-with-5g-service <p>Alaska has some of the most remote regions in the United States, with formidable weather and vast terrain that make bringing connectivity to parts of the state a challenge and huge undertaking.</p> June 20, 2019 fduffy http://www.ncta.com/3404