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CES 2013 – Where Content Lives in a Collaborative Environment

Some of the best stuff we’ve seen at CES has been the tech that works with all types of content, with all manner of IP devices, and with an eye towards integration and collaboration. Products that don’t proclaim to be the new set top box or new streaming service, but to be the all-in-one coming […]

Which Screen is the Real CES Show-Stopper?

Big screens, wide screens, ultra-mega-super-high-definitions screens. Touch screens, smart screens, 100 inch laser screens (laser screens?!). I’m sure it comes as no surprise that so much of what we’re seeing at CES is a newer, faster, brighter, bigger screen that enhances the home TV, computer, and movie experience. After all, getting the most out of […]

A Video Tour of the Show Floor

Yesterday we took a stroll around the show floor to look for some of the coolest technologies on display at the 2012 Cable Show. Via the video below, take a walk with us, then get by the Show floor today to see more for yourself.

Checking in with the App Challenge

The Cable Show App Challenge is under way at Imagine Park, with teams from Rutgers, MIT, Stanford Wellesley and Pace working to build mobile apps in 48 hours. The apps will leverage the power of broadband and be judged by a panel of cable operators, programmers, and software companies. I spent some time with the […]

Tuesday General Session at Cable Show 2012

The second day of the 2012 Cable Show gets underway with the second general session. The session got off to a start with Verizon announcing a new content discovery service as part of a discussion of content delivery and consumption.

Actor/director Ed Burns joined Rio Caraeff (VEVO), Dan Mead (Verizon Wireless), and Neil Smit (Comcast Cable) to discuss consumer consumption patterns, and new delivery methods to reach an audience.

Careff made the observation that we are in the midst of a change in consumer attitudes that may be generational – with the prior generation valuing content ownership and the newer generation valuing access. All the panelists agree that consumers are demanding more content on more platforms, and providers are innovating to address and shape that demand.

Talking TV at the Opening Session of the 2012 Cable Show

The 2012 Cable Show kicks off this morning in Boston, and over the next three days, cable will showcase it’s best programming, newest technologies, and the incredible array of ways to consume and interact with content.

At the opening general session, NCTA President Michael Powell spoke of TV as “the original social medium” – with family and friends gathering to laugh, cry, and cheer on their favorite teams. Television’s – and broadband’s – place in our lives is indisputable with Americans watching TV more than 147 hours a month, and using the Internet for work and play.

The Cable Show will focus on both the business and the pleasure of cable with sessions discussing business challenges and opportunities, and the exhibit floor teeming with programming and technology vendors and celeb guest appearances.

Connected TV… Here to Stay

If you’ve been able to keep up with the deluge of announcements so far in 2011 about smart TVs, connected devices, TV Everywhere, content mobility, and many others related to the convergence of the Internet and TV, then you clearly must not have time for eating, sleeping or personal hygiene! The simple fact that it’s […]

News from CES 2011

A new year brings another edition of the CEA’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Traditionally, this has been a “gadget” show, but in recent years, the telecom issues such as video delivery, broadband and voice services have played a larger role. A few news stories related to the cable industry have already emerged this […]

Run Your Own ISP

Have you ever had trouble with a company and said to yourself, “Even I could run it better!”  Well if that company was your cable or telephone company, now is your chance to prove it. The folks at Cisco (an NCTA member) have put together a fun little game that lets you build your own […]

Top 20 Follows for Tech & Tech Policy on Twitter

The FCC recently launched a new Twitter account – @FCCDotGov. For those who may be unfamiliar with Twitter (despite Conan O’Brien’s routine ridicule of the service), the micro-blogging platform allows users to send out short updates on just about any topic. Many people envision this as an endless stream of “I had a sandwich for […]