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Four Reasons Why the FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Won’t Work

During a time when the worlds of technology, media and television are colliding and undergoing constant change and delivering exciting new services, you would think the government would focus its efforts on areas that truly need fixing. That’s why it is so puzzling that the FCC finds it necessary to propose a complicated and backwards-looking […]

Is the FCC’s Set-Top Box Plan Technology Neutral? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not

At a press conference following the FCC’s April 28 public meeting, Chairman Wheeler took the opportunity to call out NCTA for raising concerns about his proposal that would impose significant new rate regulation on competitive providers of business data services. According to the Chairman, the cable industry has long advocated technology neutral regulation and he […]

Regulating the Insurgents

If there’s one regulatory principle that has largely been inviolate over the past forty years, it is that new entrants should not be subject to rate regulation. FCC leaders through the decades have consistently recognized that incumbent-style rate regulation of new entrants only serves to discourage the investment necessary to spur competitive entry and the […]

The FCC’s War on Investment Targets Business Data Services

Another month, another FCC initiative to regulate companies that build networks for the benefit of those that don’t. But rather than wade into the details of Chairman Wheeler’s plan to penalize cable operators for bringing new services, fresh competition, and billions in investment to the market for business data services, we offer the following hypothetical: […]

Consumers Deserve Consistent Privacy Protections on the Internet

In a vibrant, fast-changing Internet economy, companies should be transparent about their data practices, provide consumers with choices on how their data is used, and work hard to keep data secure. Consumers also deserve consistent privacy protections across the Internet for the information they deem private and sensitive, no matter how or with whom they […]

Senate Can Save Consumers from Tax on Internet Access

This week, the U.S. Senate has the opportunity to give nearly every American an important commitment for their future Internet access – a permanent moratorium on taxing Internet access. It’s an important measure that has strong bipartisan support and should be passed into law. It’s officially known as ITFA, or the Internet Tax Freedom Act […]