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Moving Forward on “Ditching the Box” not “Unbundling the App”

Yesterday, NCTA submitted a 30+ page filing (plus over one thousand pages of supporting technical specs) that provides additional information requested by the FCC about the open standard-based apps proposal presented several weeks ago by a group of independent programmers, NCTA and pay TV companies. This information supplements our prior efforts, both within the Downloadable […]

Searching for the High Road on BDS Regulation

At the risk of encouraging another “sticks and stones” retort, we’re going to let most of Harold Feld’s latest screed go attacking us for “faux outrage,” “self-righteous sanctimony,” “acting like a 6 year old,” conducting a “non-stop whinefest,” and “smelling like a g*#@!? ashtray.” Maybe Harold was just having a bad day. Despite its rhetorical […]

Let Some Fresh Air Inside the FCC’s Smoke-Filled Tent

According to a recent blog post from Public Knowledge executive and telecom pundit Harold Feld, negotiations to reach final rules for the FCC’s Business Data Services (BDS) proceeding are underway and he is encouraging AT&T to stop “throwing a hissy fit,” “read [] the writing on the wall,” and “come into the tent and negotiate.” […]

An Existing Internet Privacy Plan That Works for Everyone

Almost everyone agrees that the internet is a phenomenal success that has changed our lives in many important and entertaining ways. Superfast networks built and continually upgraded by internet service providers (ISPs) have provided consumers with an exciting platform to find just about any content or experience imaginable. When taking a closer look at why […]

Is the FCC About to Put 5G Deployment in the Slow Lane?

During a speech at the National Press Club last week, FCC Chairman Wheeler laid out a roadmap for how the U.S. can be the global leader in the next generation of wireless technology, 5G. The speech highlighted several steps the Commission intends to take over the coming months to pave the way for this new […]

Four Reasons Why the FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Won’t Work

During a time when the worlds of technology, media and television are colliding and undergoing constant change and delivering exciting new services, you would think the government would focus its efforts on areas that truly need fixing. That’s why it is so puzzling that the FCC finds it necessary to propose a complicated and backwards-looking […]

Is the FCC’s Set-Top Box Plan Technology Neutral? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not

At a press conference following the FCC’s April 28 public meeting, Chairman Wheeler took the opportunity to call out NCTA for raising concerns about his proposal that would impose significant new rate regulation on competitive providers of business data services. According to the Chairman, the cable industry has long advocated technology neutral regulation and he […]

Regulating the Insurgents

If there’s one regulatory principle that has largely been inviolate over the past forty years, it is that new entrants should not be subject to rate regulation. FCC leaders through the decades have consistently recognized that incumbent-style rate regulation of new entrants only serves to discourage the investment necessary to spur competitive entry and the […]