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Getting to Gigabits

For the better part of two decades, cable internet providers have focused on building, operating, and improving the physical infrastructure that supports high-speed, consumer internet service. Over two decades and four iterations of a technology platform called DOCSIS, cable internet providers alone have invested over $250 billion in private capital to build speed at a […]

Dear Harold Feld

Last week, Harold Feld published a blog on the Public Knowledge website called “NCTA Proves Virtuous Cycle Works.” Since it isn’t every day that Feld (or PK) agrees we’ve proven anything, I decided to check it out. Let me start by commending Feld for acknowledging what many other advocates willfully ignore: broadband in America has […]

Reaffirming Our Commitment to an Open Internet

Tomorrow, the FCC will begin the latest chapter in what is now a decades-long debate about the appropriate regulatory framework for the modern internet. One of the many things that this raging debate obscures is that there is substantial agreement on basic principles of behavior that promote an open Internet experience for consumers.  In general, […]

Taking Consumer Privacy Seriously

Congressional approval of a resolution to reverse the previous FCC’s misguided privacy rules has resulted in some pretty serious and mistaken claims about what ISPs can and can’t do with customer information. This is unfortunate because consumer privacy is something that our member companies have always respected and have an excellent track record of protecting. […]

A Blueprint for Internet Infrastructure Success

In Washington, a new year has brought a renewed focus on ways to invest in America’s infrastructure, including broadband networks. While we are familiar with congested highways and crumbling bridges, our nation’s broadband infrastructure tells a different story. Since 1996 the cable industry has invested over $250 billion in capital infrastructure resulting in faster and […]

Wi-Fi and Cars: Sharing the Spectrum Highway

Wi-Fi is so much a part of our connected society that most people say a week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee. More than 85 million American households have Wi-Fi access points. And the number of Wi-Fi devices is even higher—more than a billion are expected to be in the […]

New Steps Unveiled for Preventing Unwanted Robocalls

Earlier today, the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force unveiled some new steps that phone providers are taking to help prevent unwanted robocalls. A robocall is defined as a call with an automatic dialing system or with a prerecorded or artificial voice. The strike force, established earlier this year, includes among others Charter, Comcast, and Cox, all […]