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We Can All Agree on the Need for a Balanced Spectrum Policy

In an era of sharply divided views, it’s refreshing to see policymakers of all political stripes line up behind the idea that responding to this country’s mobile broadband needs requires the right balance of licensed and unlicensed spectrum. At a recent Senate Commerce Hearing on FCC nominations, many participants recognized the need for additional spectrum […]

Our Comments to the FCC on Restoring Internet Freedom

Yesterday, NCTA submitted comments to the FCC in its docket on Restoring Internet Freedom. The comments reaffirm NCTA’s longstanding commitment to core open internet principles that ensure that all consumers can enjoy free and unimpeded access to the lawful internet content of their choosing. Those core principles, which have evolved from the four internet freedoms first articulated by then-FCC […]

What We All Share On The Day of Action

Tomorrow, a number of internet companies and net neutrality interest groups are participating in a highly publicized “Day of Action”. This was organized in reaction to the FCC proceeding that proposes to reverse the former FCC’s decision to impose heavy internet regulations (Title II) on network providers and return to the highly successful light-touch regulatory […]

Getting to Gigabits

For the better part of two decades, cable internet providers have focused on building, operating, and improving the physical infrastructure that supports high-speed, consumer internet service. Over two decades and four iterations of a technology platform called DOCSIS, cable internet providers alone have invested over $250 billion in private capital to build speed at a […]

Dear Harold Feld

Last week, Harold Feld published a blog on the Public Knowledge website called “NCTA Proves Virtuous Cycle Works.” Since it isn’t every day that Feld (or PK) agrees we’ve proven anything, I decided to check it out. Let me start by commending Feld for acknowledging what many other advocates willfully ignore: broadband in America has […]

Reaffirming Our Commitment to an Open Internet

Tomorrow, the FCC will begin the latest chapter in what is now a decades-long debate about the appropriate regulatory framework for the modern internet. One of the many things that this raging debate obscures is that there is substantial agreement on basic principles of behavior that promote an open Internet experience for consumers.  In general, […]

Taking Consumer Privacy Seriously

Congressional approval of a resolution to reverse the previous FCC’s misguided privacy rules has resulted in some pretty serious and mistaken claims about what ISPs can and can’t do with customer information. This is unfortunate because consumer privacy is something that our member companies have always respected and have an excellent track record of protecting. […]