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PLATFORM Contributors

Brian Dietz

As VP of Communications & Digital Strategy, Brian manages NCTA’s efforts around media outreach, social media and the group’s websites and digital platforms. He loves TV Everywhere at it enables him to watch his favorite shows from the comfort of his front or back porch.


Francesca Duffy

As Senior Writer, Francesca puts on her reporter's hat to tell the many stories behind the ever-evolving realm of cable, from policy trends in the industry to the latest news in media and entertainment programming. When she's not wordsmithing, she's usually looking for new races to run or novels to read until the next season of Game of Thrones comes on.


John Solit

As the Senior Director of Digital Strategy, John spends his day online sharing the wide world of cable. If you’ve ever come across one of NCTA's infographics, blogs, or if you follow any of NCTA’s social media accounts, then you’ve seen John at work. He’s the guy making sure cable’s message is digital, accessible, and shareable. When he’s not at work, John can be found riding his bike or delicately arranging the stones, sticks, and plants in his aquarium. He finds both very relaxing.


Joy Sims

Joy serves as Senior Director of Communications and is the brains and brawn behind NCTA’s media outreach and communications strategies and is the department go-to for any questions. Somewhere between being a news monitor, grammar police, and expert writer, Joy manages to squeeze in some extracurriculars, be it zipping around the side streets of DC in her convertible or glued to her iPad watching tennis tournaments and Anthony Bourdain reruns.


Ian Fenger

As the Digital Project Manager, Ian makes sure things are running smoothly while working side by side with the rest of the team. A lover of all things cable and telecom, you can find him excitedly talking about the impact of information technology to anyone who stands still for too long. In his spare time, Ian loves to travel the world and talk about public transit.​


Blake Patterson

As Senior Front End Developer, Blake spends his days building and supporting NCTA’s websites, putting the latest and greatest web technologies to use in getting the organization’s message flowing down that series of tubes that is the Internets. When not forging the web by day, Blake can often be found at home, surrounded by computers of decades past, reliving the good-old-days by the light of a glowing CRT in indulgence of his retro-computing bent.