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The Cable Show

Connecting to The Cable Show from Anywhere in the World


April 24, 2014

What kind of entertainment and technology industry would we be if we didn’t make our biggest event of the year accessible online?

Starting at the launch of the show next Tuesday at 10:00 am, every Cable Show 2014 General Session and Imagine Park panel will be streamed live at That means you can watch Tuesday’s opening session with prominent cable operator and programmer CEOs highlighting how they view the marketplace; view Michael Powell’s conversation with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler; see The Connectivist’s Imagine Park panel on the “Internet’s Beautiful Blurring of Culture”; and take in Sean Combs (yes, that Sean Combs) as he discusses REVOLT, his latest Music TV project, live from just about any device with a screen.


Beginning Tuesday, three days of general sessions begin at 10:00am and will run for 90 minutes.  After the general sessions, the live feed will switch over to the fast-paced Imagine Park stage.

And if you miss it live, full programs and key highlights will be available soon after the live stream on The Cable Show 2014 video-on-demand page. You can also find program clips on NCTA’s Cable Show 2014 YouTube playlist.

For those attending the show, this means tough planning decisions are easy to make. So if you miss that Imagine Park panel on The Internet of Thingamajigs, it’ll be waiting for you when you have more time. And for those who can’t join us in LA, big moments will be at your fingertips.

For the latest updates to the video-on-demand page and streaming information, follow @CableShow and keep an eye on #Cable2014.

The Cable Show

Countdown to #Cable2014 Show Time: One Week


April 22, 2014

Throughout this week and into this weekend, exhibits are going up, signage and displays are being hung, Imagine Park is being built from the ground up, and the final touches are going into the Los Angeles Convention Center. A lot of work goes into this very important build week and we’re confident it’s going to be worth the wait. The front doors of the show floor swing open one week from today, officially kicking off The Cable Show 2014.


Featuring global companies and brands in entertainment, technology and telecom, the #Cable2014 exhibit floor is a larger-than-life representation of the vibrant cable industry. As you walk in the entrance, one of the major highlights of the exhibit hall will be Imagine Park, taking up almost 10,000 square feet down the center of the floor. Surrounding The Park are Cisco, ARRIS, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting and Fox Networks, each with impressive booths with lots of room for showcasing new products, cool tech or other entertainment.

As you head away from the middle of the show floor, you’ll hit CableNET, Alticast and Comcast on one end and a large section of cable networks’ booths, like AMC, Scripps, Discovery, and STARZ, along the other. There are also scores of other booths, large and small, spanning all parts of the industry from cable operators and software developers to engineering services and interactive TV companies.

It will also be hard to miss the groups of student filmmakers as they film their projects right from the exhibit floor for the Imagine Film Challenge. So don’t be alarmed if you find yourself, or your booth, in the background of some of these short films. Each film will be screened live from Imagine Park at The Finals at 11:45am on Thursday of the show.

The Cable Show exhibit floor is a live launching pad for customer relationships and collaborative partnerships that makes business happen. It takes immense preparation and construction, and the finished product is an amazing experience for us all. We can’t wait to open the doors next Tuesday!


The Cable Show

Invention & Inspiration Take the Stage at Imagine Park


April 18, 2014

Imagine Park returns to The Cable Show 2014 in Los Angeles with a bigger space and a bold line-up of speakers and demonstrations. The stage is set for the perfect blend of creativity, technology and pop culture.

More than 30 companies will take the Imagine Park stage to unveil new ideas and products, to tell the story of media in a new way, and to reveal what’s next in broadband and television. ESPN’s Grantland editors will discuss the Internet’s beautiful blurring of culture and entertainment, be it reality television or sports analytics. ARRIS and a group of other panelists will analyze and debate the generation next, those after the Millennials and their unique treatment of technology and TV. And, using technology to find creative ways to make money will be unveiled at the “New Revenue Rainmakers” session. See the full list of Imagine Park speakers here.

If tech demos, cool gadgets and interactive products are more your thing, visit the Internet of Things (IOT) Lounge. A first of its kind for The Cable Show, the IOT Lounge will have a diverse sampling of devices and toys highlighting the future of connected devices. Back on the Imagine Park stage, there will be companion sessions taking a deeper dive into some of the products showcased in the Lounge.

The Imagine Film Challenge participants will be camped out in the heart of Imagine Park so be sure to stop by, say hello and watch them produce and edit their short films.

Imagine Park will also have charging stations, a café sponsored by Amdocs, and even a happy hour with music on Tuesday night of the show.

Imagine Park is very popular, and this year’s extra-large floor plan will support a bustling and busy meeting place that will show off the exciting future of entertainment and technology. Check out more at The Cable Show’s website and @CableShow (#Cable2014) and we hope to see you there throughout the three days of the show!


The Cable Show

Imagine Film Challenge Quickly Becoming a #Cable2014 Centerpiece


April 17, 2014

A few months ago The Cable Show 2014 announced its partnership with ShortsHD – The Short Movie Channel – for a first-time-ever 48-hour student film competition dubbed the Imagine Film Challenge. Since then, a few key details  have been solidified, revealing this special contest as one of the must-see events of the show.

We’ve learned teams will be coming from Columbia College Chicago, Loyola Marymount University, New York Film Academy and UCLA. You can take a look at the team member bios on the film challenge event page.

Throughout the 48-hour contest, teams will be supported by representatives from ESPN Films who will provide mentoring and project collaboration.

All of the films will be shot on The Cable Show exhibit floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center and surrounding area. They’ll be screened and critiqued by a panel of judges seated by Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation, Carter Pilcher, CEO of ShortsHD, actor Rutger Hauer, Deadline Hollywood’s Dominic Patten and Academy Award winning producer, Nick Reed.

The winning film will take home a Top Prize Award following the screening. And perhaps the best part of all – the projects will later be broadcasted on ShortsHD channel, exposing the world to these young, up-and-coming filmmakers.

Cable is at the center of today’s golden age of television. Through this challenge we hope to cultivate the next generation of film and TV talent by providing student’s access to top filmmakers, television executives and media organizations. As buzz builds for the event, we’re quickly realizing the Imagine Film Challenge is going to be one of the show’s centerpieces.

When you’re on the show floor, be sure to visit the teams. They’ll have their own dedicated space in Imagine Park where you can watch them in action. And don’t miss the Imagine Film Challenge Finals live in Imagine Park on Thursday, May 1st.

Industry News

If TV Weren’t Everywhere Before, It Is Now


April 15, 2014

Yesterday, CTAM, the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, announced a new, aggressive and first-of-its-kind campaign to promote the idea, the brand, and the value of tv everywhere. For many, tv everywhere – the idea that we can watch cable content on myriad devices in any location – has been a part of the television…

Industry News

Behind the Numbers: How More Online Video Makes Cable Better


April 11, 2014

TV has been a part of American life for generations, giving viewers an escape into the world of make-believe, a chance to laugh or cry, or front row seats to the ball game. For many years, the experience of TV was the whole family coming together around the living room television tuning in to their…

Industry News

What Planet Money Got Right (and Wrong) About Cable


April 8, 2014

Last week, Zoe Chace and Jacob Goldstein, co-hosts of the popular blog-and-podcast Planet Money, interviewed NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell. Parts of the interview were used in a just-released episode of the show about why broadband ISPs in the U.S. aren’t regulated the same way as those in the UK, titled “The Last Mile.” You can listen to it here. Planet Money generally does a good job demystifying complex economic…