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Press Release
November 21, 2013
"We applaud the House Judiciary Committee and Chairman Goodlatte on committee passage of the “Innovation Act of 2013” (HR 3309), bipartisan legislation that will help deter patent trolls. American…
Press Release
November 18, 2013
"We congratulate Chairman Leahy and Sen. Lee on the introduction of bipartisan patent legislation, the Patent Transparency and Improvements Act of 2013. As a growing chorus of interested stakeholders…
Press Release
November 12, 2013
"Consumers today have an ever-growing roster of online video offerings in addition to robust multichannel video services. Services like Netflix already have almost 30 million U.S. subscribers – far…
Press Release
October 29, 2013
“We congratulate Tom Wheeler and Mike O’Rielly on their confirmations to serve on the Federal Communications Commission and look forward to working with them in their new positions. Both individuals…
Press Release
October 23, 2013
"We applaud Chairman Goodlatte on the introduction of bipartisan patent legislation, the “Innovation Act” (HR 3309). The bill will help deter patent trolls and put an end to unjustified patent…
Press Release
October 22, 2013
“The cable industry is deeply committed to providing our customers with a safe and secure online experience.  We appreciate the collaborative efforts led by Patrick Gallagher and NIST which sought…
Press Release
October 10, 2013
Washington, DC – The 30th anniversary Walter Kaitz Foundation Fundraising Dinner last evening raised more than $1.7 million for programs fostering diversity in the cable industry.  More than 1,000…
Press Release
September 26, 2013
[Background: Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) and Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) today introduced bipartisan legislation to remove the FCC’s "integration ban", while maintaining the Federal Communications…