Statements of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding Actions at Today’s FCC Meeting

Comment on the Section 706 Report

“Today’s decision is a missed opportunity for the FCC to acknowledge the substantial and undeniable progress that has been made in deploying broadband to all Americans, and to take credit for its role in that success.

“Indeed, just two days ago, the FCC’s own annual performance report stated that ‘this past year at the agency will be remembered for our progress toward [the] objective’ of ensuring 100% broadband coverage. The FCC’s decision not to recognize this progress in today’s report seems to be driven by an effort to bolster its regulatory authority more than any attempt to assess the pace of broadband deployment objectively.

“As internet providers work to connect every community to fast, affordable and reliable broadband service, the FCC can further speed this deployment by reducing regulatory barriers instead of imposing onerous new utility rules that will give the agency unprecedented power to micromanage the broadband marketplace.”


Comment on the “All-In” Cable and Satellite TV Pricing Item

“Today’s misguided action will not help consumers and will only add confusion from government-imposed ad requirements. Cable providers offer clear and accurate pricing information to attract and retain subscribers, including ‘all-in’ pricing information before signing up for service. The FCC’s micromanagement of advertising in today's hyper-competitive marketplace will force operators to either clutter their ads with confusing disclosures or leave pricing information out entirely. For consumers, it’s a lose-lose proposition.”