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The Near Future is Just Around the Corner

The Near Future is Just Around the Corner

The Near Future

Business in Washington often revolves around the here and now. We focus on the daily news cycle, this week’s hearings, next month’s regulatory proceedings or the ongoing variety of public events dissecting policy minutiae. While all of this is essential, at NCTA we also know how important it is to step out of this mold and take a deeper look into the future.

We ask ourselves, what does the future of technological progress have in store for Americans? As our networks and services unleash a gigabit era, how will our lives change? How will everyday internet users be enriched? Could the way we are entertained and connect with the world around us transform – possibly in dramatic ways?

On April 27, 2017, NCTA will be hosting a unique half-day event that will challenge convention, spark inspiration and invite our guests to reconsider how we think about and talk about the future of technology. It is called The Near Future. We don’t want to spoil all of the details but it will be unlike anything NCTA has hosted before.

So what are the basics? It is an invitation-only event being held at Dock 5 at Union Market in Washington, DC. It will bring together top influencers in technology, policy, and media who will reveal how even the most fantastic visions of the future are closer than you think. And it will approach the topic of next-generation technology in an entirely new way, by exploring how four pillars of human-technology interactivity – the way we live, work, learn, and play – are being reimagined.

The Near Future is being produced in partnership with CableLabs and will feature demonstrations, interviews, and conversations, as well as opportunities to personally connect with top influencers while experiencing hands-on what the future of technology will be. It won’t have all the answers, but it will tee up some of the questions that we hope will spark conversation. And it will all happen just seven weeks from today.

To learn more about The Near Future, keep an eye on NCTA’s Twitter feed @NCTAitv and the event hashtag #NearFuture, and continue to watch The Near Future website. We’ll be back in the coming weeks to reveal more about the event and how NCTA is envisioning the near future.