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Take a Swim in the ‘Lobstah’ Tank at INTX

Take a Swim in the ‘Lobstah’ Tank at INTX


If you like taking a dive in the Shark Tank every week with Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and fellow investors and hearing the latest innovative products from budding entrepreneurs, then you will want to give the Lobstah Tank a try. (That’s right, it’s Lobstah, not Lobster!)

Coming to Boston in May, and produced in partnership with Streetwise Media’s BostInno, the Lobstah Tank is part of the INTX: The Internet & Television Expo this year, taking place at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center May 16-18. Companies in the greater New England area with an interesting idea and pitch are encouraged to apply to compete to make it into the Lobstah Tank Finals during the show. But first, contestants must pass the preliminaries, which will take place the week of May 9 in downtown Boston. From there, six finalists will be chosen to present their products and ideas at INTX before a panel of judges and an audience comprised of top media, technology, advertising and communications professionals.

Similar to Shark Tank, winners walk away with cash prizes (ranging from $2,000-$10,000), and a private meeting with potential investors. More importantly, the ideas presented by all contestants are given the chance to become the next reality–or next big thing–in the world of Internet and television.

Like the Imagine Park arena, the Lobstah Tank is just one of several avenues that innovators can take at INTX to demo their work, start discussions on how to further evolve our digital experiences, and to inspire the next wave of fresh new products and services that serve our new media necessities. Presenters and observers alike at the show have the opportunity to weigh in and influence where the ever-changing media and technology space is headed. It’s not often that we get to see some of the world’s top ISPs, video distributors, content companies, and investors gathered in one place. There’s no better time for the best of the best to put their heads together and make change.

If you have an innovative idea, we want to hear from you. Apply for the Lobstah tank by filling out this simple online form before April 25.

We hope to see you in Boston, May 16-18! To keep up with the latest news on INTX, follow us on Twitter (@intxNCTA) and on Facebook and use the hashtag #INTX2016.