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CableLabs Shows How Broadband Networks Will Power the Future of Education

CableLabs Shows How Broadband Networks Will Power the Future of Education


Kids today already learn much differently than their parents did in school. They've grown up with Smartboards and iPads in classrooms—technology tools that have revolutionized how people learn, their desire to learn, and the way information can be retrieved with a simple finger swipe. But what about their children? What will schools look like a couple of decades from now? CableLabs has given audiences a sneak peek in their third installment of "The Near Future: Ready for Anything," a series that delves into how technology and high-speed internet will transform the future, and how the broadband networks of today are preparing for the unknown that lies ahead.

In the schools of tomorrow, the video showcases the ways in which applications like augmented reality, artificial intelligence agents, virtual reality, mixed reality, the Internet of Things devices and sensors, holograms, video walls, and light field displays will play a huge role in classroom instruction and individual learning. All of these technologies are displayed as tools that will encourage autonomy in learning, allowing people to research any subject or topic through seeing, hearing, and touching what they are learning in virtual ways. But the video also portrays these technologies as tools that will bring people together from vast distances into virtual learning spaces. Classes in different countries can work on projects together, or a student could "visit" and observe an office to see what future career fields they may be interested in. 

Of course, no one knows for sure what the future will bring. But as CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney told VentureBeat, that's not why the organization is producing these videos: "We want to inspire the innovators today to think about what part of that future they can go create, given the capabilities that we're going to see continuing to increase in the network."

America's ISPs are powering the networks that will make all of this possible, and are providing the platform from which the next big thing will revolutionize our digital world once again. 

Check out the video below for a better understanding of the technology featured in the video that will take tomorrow's students beyond the classroom walls.