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Technology & Devices

What's Your Cable TV Alter Ego?


August 6, 2013

When it comes to watching TV, I am definitely “The Multi-Tasker.” I can’t live without my iPhone while watching TV. I’m either reading the Twitter conversation while watching Breaking Bad, Google-ing the “millionaires” on Millionaire Matchmaker (and realizing they aren’t really millionaires), or seeing what my Facebook friends say during my college football team’s game.

I’ve always known this about myself, but thanks to the new Entertainment Everywhere quiz page on, I now have a name for it! Anyone can take the quiz and discover their cable alter ego and which cable TV character they most resemble.

Just choose your favorite service and your must-have device. Then answer a few questions about your favorite TV genres, your second screen habits and your ideal time of day to watch. This will reveal what kind of cable consumer you really are, from “The Multi-Tasker” to “The Minimalist” to “The Fanatic.”

The spectrum of cable personalities reflects varying consumer appetites and the diversity in the offerings that cable provides. Cable is constantly innovating and improving so you can be sure the next best thing in second screen viewing and social engagement is right around the corner.