Project Runway Prize Winner Shares His Experience


During The Cable Show 2013 in Washington, DC, we reported on the myriad of programs, special events, and exhibitors that made it one of our most successful shows ever. From special appearances by Jennifer Lopez to demonstrations of the latest cable and broadband tech, the show was packed with cable news and excitement.

But until now, we hadn’t mentioned the unique experience of one lucky show attendee: Dave Smith. Dave was the winner of our Project Runway sweepstakes, courtesy of A+E Networks. Just for registering for The Cable Show, Dave was entered to win a trip for two to New York City to attend Fashion Week and the taping of Lifetime’s Project Runway season finale.

I had a chance to chat with Dave and he shared a bit about his experience.


Dave Smith and his Wife in New York City

JS: Dave – when you signed up for The Cable Show, did you know you were also signing up to win this prize?

DS: No, actually. I didn’t find out until after the fact. Which was exciting.

JS: Did you have any expectations for the trip?

DS:  The whole fashion scene is pretty new to me. I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a very eclectic community. Very diverse – a lot of different kinds of outfits – definitely a new experience for me.

JS: Anything in particular that surprised you?

DS: You know, you see stuff on TV and as a viewer it’s easy to rush to judgment about the things people make or wear. Once you’re there, you realize everybody is really part of the same community – nobody judges. It seemed like a really nice community. 

JS: Was Fashion Week the highlight of the trip for you?

DS: That and just being in New York around the glitz and glamour.  Not only to catch a show taping, which was a new experience for both my wife and me, but we were also able to attend a Broadway show and visit Times Square. Actually, a highlight for me was one of the stars that happened to be on the finale night was Alyssa Milano.

JS: What made that a highlight?

DS: Well, she was one of my childhood crushes. To see her in person was kind of like fulfilling a dream after all these years.

JS: You attended The Cable Show in Washington, DC this year – what was your role and how was your experience?

DS: Great. My role is to provide guidance to my organization [Service Electric Broadband Cable] in making sure they see what’s most important for us at the show.  We were featuring multi-room DVR and TV Everywhere functions. It’s a great show for us.

JS: So we’ll see you in 2014 in Los Angeles?

DS: You sure will.


We were so glad Dave and his wife had a great trip to New York.

There are a lot more surprises in store next year when The Cable Show heads to Los Angeles April 29th to May 1st. Remember to mark your calendars and don’t forget that registration opens up this fall.

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