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Cable Programming

Cable Dominated Last Night's Golden Globe Awards


January 14, 2013

Of the eleven awards given to television last night at the 70th annual Golden Globes, ten were given to cable shows. Taking most of the awards were premium channels, with Showtime’s Homeland taking three awards, HBO’s Girls with two, and HBO’s TV Movie Game Change with three.  This continues the trend in recent years in which cable has dominated awards shows, including last year’s Emmy’s.

As Girls star and creator Lena Dunham said back stage, “[HBO is] the only place to have made a show like this”. She went on to say, “Cable television is the only place where I’m going to get the kinds of stories I want to tell funded”.

These awards are further evidence that cable’s model for creating and supporting high-quality, award-winning television that Americans love works. By giving story tellers like Dunham the flexibility to take risks and create programming that otherwise would never be possible, cable has opened the doors to some of the best television ever created.

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