How the Cable Industry Powers the American Economy

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With a national infrastructure that spans most of the country, combined with hundreds of thousands of workers who deliver a suite of digital services and create award-winning content that entertains, inspires and informs, the U.S. cable industry is a vital contributor to America’s economy by generating hundreds of billions of dollars in gross domestic product (GDP). Those conclusions come from an economic analysis recently conducted by Oxford Economics which NCTA commissioned.

Cable's U.S. operations provide video and high-speed internet to 85% of U.S. homes and offer access to 200+ TV networks and streaming services. With their extensive infrastructure investments, cable providers deliver high-speed connectivity to homes and serve as the backbone for countless businesses across the country. Meanwhile, cable programming providers continue to enrich the entertainment landscape while fostering economic growth.

The report's key findings highlight the substantial impact of cable internet providers and TV programmers on the economy in 2022. The full report can be viewed on

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