Coming Next Week - Every Last Mile: The Untold Story of Connecting Rural America

Every Last Mile movie poster

In today’s world, high-speed internet is the gateway to a world of opportunities. Access to fast and reliable broadband is especially important in rural areas, enabling people to participate fully in the digital economy with remote work opportunities, virtual learning, telehealth services and more.

However, while internet access is essential, building out networks to America’s most rural locations is a dauting task. NCTA’s forthcoming docufilm, "Every Last Mile," explores the challenges and obstacles that internet providers face in wiring these communities.

Overcoming obstacles

While much of America enjoys seamless connectivity, many rural communities still await modern internet service. Geographically, these areas encompass vast, rugged, and sparsely populated landscapes, making broadband deployment logistically complex and significantly more expensive than in urban areas.

  • However, there is an unprecedented national effort to expand internet access to unconnected Americans, especially the 10 million who live in rural areas. Tens of billions in federal and state funds have already been dedicated to thousands of rural projects, and the historic allocation of $42 billion in federal infrastructure funding will jumpstart projects in every state.

Sharing stories from the field

Broadband crews are making tremendous progress on projects underway in remote communities nationwide. But the job is a formidable challenge, as workers must overcome obstacles at every turn, braving extreme conditions, difficult terrain, and unexpected surprises.

  • "Every Last Mile" chronicles the untold story of connecting rural America, following three cable broadband construction crews in Alaska, Arizona, and Minnesota as they overcome obstacles to get the job done. The short film tells the story of the crews' resilience in extending networks to unserved, hard-to-reach parts of the country.

The docufilm premieres on June 26 at 4:00 p.m. ET at a Washington Post Live screening. Register for the virtual event here.

Watch the trailer below.