How Cox's Low-Cost Internet Plans Are Changing Lives

family home internet service

Low-cost broadband adoption programs are delivering overwhelmingly positive results to participants, according to new survey data released by Cox Communications last week. Through its Connect2Compete and ConnectAssist plans, Cox provides multiple options for families or individuals to use reliable internet service for little to no monthly fee.

Connectivity Transforms Lives

So far, Connect2Compete has connected 2.5 million people, and Cox is committed to getting even more signed up.

Mark Greatrex, President of Cox Communications, emphasized that the company "will continue to prioritize broadband adoption, ensuring everyone in our communities has the best opportunity for educational and professional success."

Survey Highlights

Broadband is an opportunity platform, and Cox's survey results show how connectivity can have an enormous positive impact on a person's life:

  • Nearly half (48%) reported not having any internet service before they enrolled in the program.
  • 96% said internet access had a positive impact on their overall household (not just on their children).
  • Eight out of 10 participants saw a positive impact on their career.
    • 71% said they can now work remotely with Cox's internet service.
    • 70% reported that broadband allowed them to find a job, or a better job than they had before.
    • 69% said they can now perform at a higher level at work than they could before.
    • And 49% received a promotion or increase in their pay.
  • Up to 90% said broadband delivered through the program had a positive impact on their children’s education.
    • The broadband connection lets students access virtual school, get a leg up on homework, and allows them to get help on assignments.

Public-Private Partnerships Are a Success

Along with the rollout of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), low-cost broadband adoption programs like Connect2Compete are helping to close the digital divide. 

  • When the two are combined, participants are able to get broadband service at no cost to them and receive significant discounts on laptops and other devices. 

William Fields, Senior Policy Advisor to the White House Infrastructure Implementation Team, pointed to Cox’s enthusiasm to help solve the digital divide.

In particular, Fields praised "stakeholders like Cox, who stood up at the very beginning when we were rolling out the ACP and raised their hand to help with both the outreach," he noted, "as well as rolling out programs like ConnectAssist and Connect2Compete to offer high-speed internet to the most vulnerable households across the country."

Closing the digital divide requires a wide range of solutions from multiple stakeholders, and cable operators like Cox are committed to doing their part to advance digital equity