NOW STREAMING “Every Last Mile: The Untold Story of Connecting Rural America”

NOW STREAMING–“Every Last Mile: The Untold Story of Connecting Rural America”

The COVID pandemic exposed how critical reliable internet service is to work, school, and life in general, and that communities without access to this important technology could permanently fall behind.

Since then, unprecedented efforts have been dedicated to closing the digital divide, including reaching the 10 million Americans living in rural areas without access to robust broadband.

But reaching America’s most rural communities is a massive challenge. The country has a landmass of 3.5 million square miles and all kinds of difficult terrain.

So, how does the country get the job done, and deliver on the promise of connecting everyone?

The new docufilm “Every Last Mile” explores this daunting task. Through the perspectives of the construction crews building broadband infrastructure in three rural communities, it explores the on-the-ground reality of what it takes to extend networks to remote and far-out areas that have been waiting for modern internet service.

The immense effort required to bring this essential infrastructure to the expansive reaches of our country often goes unacknowledged, especially in areas still waiting for connection. This documentary captures that compelling narrative.

Every Last Mile” tells the story of three projects in three very different corners of the country—from the desert heat of Arizona to a remote fishing community in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, and the frigid dense forests of northern Minnesota.

To see the hard work cable crews undertake to extend broadband to every American, watch the full-length film at