How Broadband-Powered Remote Work Is Good for the Environment

remote work

Earth Day is tomorrow, and cable providers and TV networks continue to do their part to implement best practices to conserve the environment and to minimize their carbon footprints. One critical area powered by the cable industry also worth highlighting in honor of the day is the broadband connectivity that millions of people rely on every day, including for remote work.

Why It Matters: Thanks to robust cable broadband networks, which performed brilliantly throughout the early stages of the pandemic when internet traffic reached historic and unprecedented numbers, remote work is resulting in significant benefits for the environment, according to an NCTA analysis.

Going Deeper: The Census Bureau data that NCTA examined from a two-week period last summer showed that about half of the American workforce was doing at least some work from home. During this same time period, information from the Environmental Protection Agency showed a reduction in gasoline consumption, which translated into a massive cut in CO2 emissions.

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Week after week and month after month, these environmental savings are both significant and encouraging as employees who benefit from broadband connectivity and who work remotely can drastically reduce their carbon footprint and deliver a positive environmental impact.

Find out more info from the NCTA analysis here.