Statements of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding the FCC’s Actions on Pole Attachments and Early Termination Fees

Pole Attachments

“We appreciate the FCC’s recognition of the importance of broadband providers' timely access to utility poles. Today is a first step towards removing obstacles that slow the construction of broadband networks in needy areas. But other important issues still remain, including the fair allocation of the cost of pole replacements, which will require continued attention and future action by the FCC to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of reliable internet service to every community.”


Early Termination Fees

“We look forward to participating in this proceeding to ensure it preserves consumer choice and competitive parity. For instance, we do not support banning consumers from choosing a service plan with discounted rates in exchange for long-term service agreements that may include early termination provisions. The FCC should understand that its proposals would amount to rate regulation and result in consumers having fewer options.”