Statement of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding the CBRS Study Released by CTIA and Recon Analysis

“The study released today by CTIA and Recon Analysis about CBRS overlooks the value of shared spectrum and its ability not only to meet consumer needs, but also enable new and diverse users. A zero-sum, exclusive-licensed-only strategy is not a solution. There are many creative ways to approach the spectrum crunch, and the CBRS model offers a compelling and innovative basis for doing so.  

“As the number of connected devices grow among consumers, businesses, and other organizations, the CBRS band allows for the sharing of spectrum among several entities, be it educational institutions, government, oil and gas, manufacturers and others. CBRS is still in the early stages, with initial licenses issued only last year and the FCC just recently issuing additional licenses last month. Yet well over 228,000 CBRS devices are already in use, and significant investments in licenses are being made by various industries and we have only begun to reap their full benefits.”