Statement of Michael Powell, President & CEO, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding the White House Broadband Adoption Announcement

The White House announcement can be found here.

“As the nation’s leading broadband industry, we join the Administration in celebrating the milestone of connecting ten million households to the internet via the subsidy program that Congress included in last year’s infrastructure legislation. For the past decade, over 14 million consumers have subscribed to the internet via NCTA member company broadband adoption programs which include low-cost services of $10 - $20 per month, discounts for computers and digital skills and literacy training. Cable broadband providers strongly supported inclusion of the federal subsidy in the infrastructure legislation and are active participants in Affordable Connectivity Program. These collective public-private efforts are making a real difference in closing the digital divide and we remain committed to the mission of connecting all Americans to the internet through these programs plus our efforts to build new networks in areas that don’t yet have service.”