TV Networks Play a Powerful Role in Coronavirus Response

Programmer COVID

It now goes without saying, but a lot of things are different. Many Americans find themselves spending more time with entertainment and news, shining a light on the important role media plays in our lives. Our favorite shows can feel like old friends, taking us out of our stress and reminding us of the familiar. With that in mind, many cable TV programmers have launched special initiatives to keep Americans entertained and informed during this unprecedented time.

In a time of crisis, clear, straightforward information is vital. That’s why many cable tv programmers are using their platforms to help cut through the confusion and keep viewers up to date with the latest facts. Some examples include:

Beyond getting the message out, TV programmers are offering free entertainment, new schedules, and more to keep Americans entertained while they stay in their homes for the foreseeable future. Some initiatives include:

While we all do our part and stay at home, be sure to check out some of the entertainment options now available to make the days a little less stressful.