NCTA Member Companies Commit to Over $100 Million in COVID-19 Public Service Advertising

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Member companies of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association today announced they would provide over $100 million in public service advertising through June to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and educate consumers about the impact of the pandemic.

The companies’ contributions will be based on the collective value of on-air advertising time dedicated to public service advertisements (PSAs) and the use of public service material on digital and social media properties.

Many companies have already created their own PSAs to provide consumers with information focused on curtailing and preventing the spread of the virus. In addition, companies are using public service materials created by organizations such as The Ad Council and the American Red Cross. A compilation of PSAs available for use can be found on

“TV programming companies and distributors are playing a critical role in reaching consumers with information, education, and insight during the pandemic,” said NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell. “As Americans connect via our broadband networks, and stay entertained and educated through cable TV programming, our companies are on the front lines of helping consumers deal with this extraordinary time in our history. We hope that our member companies can help Americans in this time of need while our nation moves towards a return to prosperity.”

The PSA contribution further enhances the cable industry’s commitment to helping Americans during the course of the pandemic. Cable’s ISPs are ensuring that consumers can stay connected by opening Wi-Fi hotspots to everyone, expanding internet access programs to students and low-income families and pausing customer data plans. More on the industry’s overall commitment to broadband access, connectivity, and the well-being of consumers during the crisis is available at