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Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak


Industry Response

As the U.S. responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cable industry is committed to ensuring that Americans will remain connected during this unprecedented crisis. Cable internet service providers are intensely focused on providing superior network performance and constantly evaluating how networks will handle the increased demand.

In addition to delivering fast and reliable internet service, NCTA member companies have announced new measures to expand internet access, especially for low-income households and families with students that are now learning from home. Additionally, every member company has signed the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge to reassure consumers that they will stay connected throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Finally, NCTA and its member companies are working closely with federal, state and local government officials to share appropriate information and keep informed of new developments.

Read more about the industry's efforts during this challenging time in an interview with NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell.

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I think perhaps our greatest fiduciary obligation to the nation is to keep the internet infrastructure running and running well."

Michael Powell, NCTA CEO

Contributing To Our National Response

Cable Industry Efforts to Help Consumers Manage COVID-19 Crisis

Cable operators' efforts include: opening Wi-Fi hotspots, pausing data plans, expanding internet access for low-income families and more. See the links below to learn more about each company’s plans.

Other members:

Cable programming networks are engaging in a variety of information-sharing and fundraising efforts, including airing PSAs, to provide the public with critical COVID-19 information and to help families dealing with the crisis.