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How Do Most U.S. Adults Access TV Programming?

How Do Most U.S. Adults Access TV Programming?

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A recent survey reveals that even with the myriad of ways available to watch television programming today, watching content live on a TV through a cable subscription is still the most popular choice among U.S. adults. The Morning Consult Poll uncovered that 46 percent of people rely on their subscriptions to access programming, more than double those who stream programming through a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

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But while the linear TV experience is still going strong, new entertainment paradigms are popping up and only strengthening viewers' engagement with their favorite cable programming. Cable content creators are always coming out with newer and enhanced apps that subscribers can use to watch TV anytime and anywhere they want. CTAM's latest TV Everywhere survey indicated that more and more people are signing into their cable subscriptions on connected-devices every year as they learn about these services. In fact, last year, every age demographic saw an increase in TV Everywhere usage. On top of that, TV-connected devices—like streaming boxes and video game consoles—are becoming more popular among consumers, and viewers are opting to use them to access TV Everywhere services and apps. 

There's no telling what the future of TV holds as new technologies and innovative services come out every year and further enrich the viewing experience.