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Connected TVs and TV Everywhere Are Gaining Ground

Connected TVs and TV Everywhere Are Gaining Ground

Connected TVs

With more pay TV subscribers becoming regular TV Everywhere users, the connected TV is rapidly becoming the preferred device to watch. Industry reports show that consumers are opting to utilize connected TVs, TV Everywhere services and programming apps that are creating a whole new way of watching television.  

The Nielsen Total Audience Report, which found that consumers this year are spending 32 more minutes a day than last year connected to media for a total of 10 hours and 48 minutes, highlighted internet-enabled devices capable of streaming content to a TV set. TV-connected devices include streaming boxes like Roku or Apple TV, smart TVs or video game consoles. 

Since June 2016, Nielsen reports that TV-connected devices in the home grew by 12 percent, with 58.7 percent of TV households in the U.S. (69.5 million) owning at least one of these devices as of June 2017. In particular, usage of streaming media players increased from 28 percent to 41 percent since last year. Time spent on multimedia devices watching TV, which include connected TVs, also jumped from 14 minutes to 19 minutes this year. 

Nielsen Total Audience Report Q2 2017Nielsen Total Audience Report Q2 2017

Adobe's State of Digital Video report also confirms most of the same findings for TV consumption. While mobile devices and PC usage fell in every category except for news, consumers turned to connected TVs for almost every TV content genre. This is indeed a shift from 2015 and 2016, when mobile device usage dominated. The report also indicates that over 20.5 percent of pay TV households are TV Everywhere users. In fact, Adobe emphasizes that TV Everywhere usage is at an all-time high with one in five cable TV viewers utilizing TV Everywhere content.

As these stats convey, traditional TV is still alive and consumers are just using newer devices--like connected TVs--to enjoy it.