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Welcome to the 10G Smart Home

From smart lights to app-controlled speakers, many homes today benefit from internet-connected technologies. But as more devices become connected and as new technologies come to market, a next-generation gigabit network is critical to powering the future.

How to get there: Cable internet service providers (ISPs) have been building the 10G network for years now, and with recent breakthroughs and innovations, 10G is closer than ever. In fact, a new, virtual 10G-enabled home demonstrates this coming reality by blending current and future technologies to display what might be possible.

Why that’s important: With 29 billion devices expected to be connected to the internet in 2023, the need for broadband networks that can meet the demands of today and well into the future is clear. With ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and increased efficiencies, the gigabit network of the future will be the backbone of daily life. New innovations that are part of the 10G platform will create opportunities for new technologies that depend on these key features.

What that means: Soon, houses will function in brand new ways.

  • Passive health monitoring will happen from home. Supplementing wearable fitness trackers that measure a person’s movements and vitals, in the future, light bulbs will also monitor vitals and sleep patterns.
  • Home offices will go from rooms with a desk and a laptop to multimedia communication centers equipped with holographic projection tables, sophisticated 3D printers, and more.
  • Kitchens will take on new roles too, helping manage household shopping and schedules with coffee makers that reorder beans and countertop appliances that get dinner started at the tap of a smartphone.

All of these advancements are made possible by 10G. With the speed, capacity, ultra-low latency, and reliability needed to seamlessly integrate new technology, the broadband network of the future will support increasingly smarter living spaces.

Tour the 10G home now.