VIDEO: Midco Brings Internet and More to The Midwest

VIDEO: Midco Brings Internet and More to the Midwest

The internet powers the economy, inspires imaginations and provides an essential connection to family and friends. Ensuring every American can access this opportunity is a national imperative.

While some communities in rural America have yet to be connected, Midwest communications company Midco has been delivering robust broadband service to hundreds of communities for decades. With a 490,000 homes and businesses footprint that spans Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, Midco is focused on powering small towns and rural hubs.

There’s more:

  • Besides building next-generation networks, Midco embraces local communities by broadcasting local high school and college sporting events through Midco Sports.
  • Midco uses innovative technology solutions to extend its broadband service to places where traditional network buildouts are costly, like farms that are often miles apart from each other.
  • Midco’s broadband service is vital to the important work of groups like Feeding South Dakota, which work to reduce hunger in the state.

The disbursement of the federal funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will accelerate efforts to connect rural and remote regions and reinvigorate public-private partnerships that are essential to reaching these communities. Midco is just one example of cable broadband providers working to connect every corner of the country.