TV Stats: LGBTQ+ Representation on TV

Pride Month celebrations are underway, and as LGBTQ+ communities find themselves up against new waves of homophobia and transphobia, their stories remain as vital and valuable as ever. For decades, cable TV has been an important platform to tell LGBTQ+ stories. From the creation of the first LGBTQ+ focused network (Logo), to featuring groundbreaking series like “The L Word” and “Pose,” cable has been at the forefront of inclusive programming even at times when many other platforms were hesitant to feature these stories. Given its strong track record, let’s take a look at where the cable TV industry currently stands with inclusive content on air this year.

138 regular and recurring LGBTQ+ characters on cable, up from last year’s 118 SOURCE: GLAAD Where We Are on TV Report 2021-2022  Over the years, cable has been home to long-running shows exclusively focused on LGBTQ+ stories, including “Queer as Folk” and “Pose.” As time has gone on, cable TV networks have continued to push for more diversity on screen.  35% of LGBTQ+ characters on cable TV are Lesbians, making them the most represented group SOURCE: GLAAD Where We Are on TV Report 2021-2022  LGBTQ+ people come in all genders and backgrounds, though often disproportionate attention is paid to male presenting communities. That’s why diversifying the types of people on screen is vital, and cable networks are leading the charge.  Showtime has 35 LGBTQ+ characters, making it the #1 cable network for representation SOURCE: GLAAD Where We Are on TV Report 2021-2022