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Celebrating 'A Community Full of Jobs' This Labor Day

Celebrating 'A Community Full of Jobs' This Labor Day


As Labor Day approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the significant economic impact that America's broadband providers and TV networks are making nationwide. The industry has contributed an astounding $421 billion to the U.S. economy and supported millions of American workers in jobs that are strengthening communities and local economies. Job creation only continues to grow and evolve as consumers demand new connectivity and entertainment services, and as roles and disciplines diversify in turn.  

The industry accounts for over 2.9 million direct and indirect total jobs, and employs at least 300 cable employees in every Congressional District. These jobs include professions that range from front line customer service representatives to behind-the-scenes engineers to the writers and producers who bring our favorite shows to life. There is no shortage of job variety across the internet and television landscape, or of diverse talent and skill that make up the workforce.  

Check out the map below to learn about the myriad of jobs out there that are working together to deliver high-speed internet and award-winning programming to households across the country.

cable jobs map