VIDEO: Get a Glimpse of the Future with the 10G Smart Home

10G Smart Home Demo Video

This September, Mediacom along with CableLabs and NCTA, unveiled the 10G Smart Home in Ames, Iowa. The smart home was wired with an enhanced broadband network that demonstrates how a 10 Gbps home network will transform our daily lives, and the rich media experiences that are just around the corner.

The 10G Smart Home features an enhanced broadband network and cutting-edge technology. Over 70 internet-enabled devices run on the Smart Home’s connection, many of which have bandwidth-heavy applications that require the super-fast speeds, low latency, and increased security made possible by 10G.

Like other in-person events this year, the demo had to adapt its format to turn what would have been an in-person experience into a virtual one. With safety in mind, Mediacom has recently released a video highlighting some new technologies on display in the house, including light field displays (sometimes known as holograms), the ultimate gaming setup complete with a twitch stream and discord server, telemedicine technologies that have the capacity to transform how we experience healthcare, and much more.

Check out the video below to see how 10G is bringing us into the near future. And for more information on 10G, head over to the website and follow @10GPlatform on Twitter.